Sunday, August 14, 2011

Helicopter and fire engine art

After the visits from the fire service and police helicopter we drew pictures of them.

The Fire Service Visits Our school

On the same day as the visit from the Eagle Helicopter, we had a visit from the fire service. It was great to be able to go inside the fire engine and see all the things they use when there is a fire. One of the firemen told us about fire safety. He said that if there was a fire we must shout "FIRE, FIRE, FIRE" and

We relly enjoyed our visit from the fire service.

Eagle Helicopter Visit to School

As part of our study of occupations we had a visit from the police eagle helicopter. It was really exciting as it landed on the school playing fields. We had a talk about what they do and see, when they are flying over our city. One of the children tried on the flying jacket and another student tried on the helmet. The helicopter was really loud when it took off and left our school.

Writing time in Room 2

We have an exciting writing time. Sometimes we can choose to write on paper with a buddy, or go on the computer and make a powerpoint story using "communication4all." We write in our books as well and publish our stories once they are edited and corrected. we enjoy sharing our stories with the class.

A Visit from Steve Duval

During last term we had a visit from a artist called Steve Duval. He told us some stories and drew a fantastic picture. When we got back to class we had a try at drawing cartoon faces by starting off with either a letter or a number and turning it into a face or an animal.

Phonics Mat

To help us learn our sounds and our spelling we use a phonics mat. We take a word from the container and step on the letters. The rest of the class sound out the letters we stand on and put their hand up if they know the word.

Kelly Sports

Earlier in the year we were visited by the Kelly Sports organisers. We had great fun with a number of activities.